Leading You to Your Employee Rights

Employment law is a hugely important facet of the British legal system. Most people in the UK will spend the majority of their adult life in the employ of someone, and even those that aren’t are likely to be dependent on someone who is.

Employment law affects every aspect of your work. It impacts the money you can earn, the environment you work in and the behaviour of yourself, your colleagues and your superiors.

However, despite its far reaching influence, employment law, in our experience, seems to be disregarded surprisingly often by employers, particularly those that are not running large businesses. Employment law often falls by the wayside, and employees can suffer as a result.

You may have found yourself the victim of an employer who is operating on the wrong side of the law. You could have been forced to work unreasonable hours, beyond the 48 hours a week limit that an employer can impose. You may have been receiving insufficient pay which dips below the national minimum wage for your age.

You may have also been on the receiving end of discrimination in the workplace by a co-worker, supervisor, or anyone else. You might have even been dismissed from a previous workplace on grounds that you feel were unfair.

If you are employed, then employment law is in place to safeguard you. If you feel that your legal rights as an employee are being compromised by your employer or a colleague, then you should read the advice on these pages and consult a professional solicitor to assist you.